Corporate Relocation

Know Cost Of Living Before Taking A Relocation Package

If you have taken a job will require you and your family to move, you will likely incur expenses in the process. Has your employer offered to help to pay for at least some of them? We can help you understand your relocation benefits and if you have been assigned a relocation company, we can work with them to assist you with your move. If they are offering a financial concession, we can help you evaluate the cost of your move to see what you can afford.

Choose Your Own Agent

You do not have to work with an agent who is provided by your relocation company. After years in the business, I have seen referral clients needlessly spend time with inexperienced agents thinking that they had to in order to keep their relocation benefits. You can pick the agent, any agent, that you would like to represent you. The agent will be required to adhere to the guidelines set by the relocation company and pay the required referral fee. This is known as a forced referral and something that we will handle on your behalf. We have worked with multiple companies before and have the required documents to handle what they may require.

Read about our Client Benefits for how we help clients relocating to the Raleigh are.