Home Renovation Tips


Renovating a home is a great project if you like old homes and old neighborhoods. Raleigh and Cary are full of opportunities to find a home you love that just needs someone to breathe new life into it! Not all neighborhoods will support the level of work you may want to complete. Remember, we always start with 3 Simple Rules to follow when you are buying a home. Above all, make sure that the neighborhood is a good choice for your investment. You can do that by considering the following questions:

  • Is the home in a popular area of town?
  • Do the neighbors take care of their own homes?
  • Have neighbors made additions or improvements recently?
  • Is the neighborhood convenient to shopping, business centers, and other local attractions? One of the benefits of living in an older neighborhood is its proximity to these locations.
  • Is the neighborhood still quiet enough for you, even though it’s so close to everything?

These are factors we will help you weigh in making your decision.

After we find you the right home, we’ll prepare a purchase contract spelling out loan terms and expectations (Read more about how to finance home repairs.) After the seller agrees to the terms, the clock starts ticking. It’s time to work with your contractor and/or HUD consultant to finalize the estimate and scope of the work. We’ll help protect your interests during the negotiation stages.

Once you select your loan and property, it’s time to develop a property ­specific renovation plan. Our role in this process is to help you interview contractors and match you with the service provider who can best meet your needs. For example, one type of contractor might be ideal for large projects involving large-­scale updates because he or she works efficiently and stays on schedule. Another contractor might be the best option for a renovation with a smaller budget, because he or she is resourceful and has handled similar projects in the past. Our longstanding relationships with these individuals gives us the knowledge and context to match them to you.

We can help connect you with reputable, trustworthy contractors in the Triangle, who are legitimately licensed in their specialty areas. We have spent our career building relationships with these individuals, so we can help facilitate the process and ensure that everyone is properly and evenly reimbursed. Once the work is completed, the appraiser will come back in and make sure that all of the work was completed as outlined in the bid.